The wedding day is a very great day which needs special memories to always bring to life the wonderful moments of the big day. Photos carry the most remarkable and cherished parts of the wedding day. This is because photos capture all the beautiful parts that really mean everything to you. They bring out the colors as bright as they were during the wedding day bringing everything to mind afresh.

They also bring out perfectly what you want to see and always remember the things that you did on that day. The wonderful features of the gown as well the groom’s suit and everything else that matter to you. Whenever you glance at a wedding album and see the great captions, you get so moved and hoping you have a chance, you have a mental plan of your dream wedding.
Close up captions are especially captivating and reveal details that ought to be seen. There was this cake that was being cut at the climax of the wedding. The cream cake has so much cream and was a bit soft inside. On holding a piece on the fork, it fell on the coat. To add to the laughter, the fork went on straight into the hair as the groom leaned to check on the falling piece of cake.

Was it not for the close up captions before the mess was cleared, all the fun of the falling cake would go forgotten. Again, as the ring gets fixed into the ring finger for that enduring evidence that the two became one, captions bring up close the beauty and grandeur of the rings to be fixed. 

How about being the supreme power for a day? The bridal procession is as great as a presidential procession with theme cars and their flowers up to adorn the couples’ great day. Photos keep that first smile alive for years as the great words tell the world the great feelings you have. The tenderness the beauty and color all alive in the album is worth all admiration.


A wedding group has a uniform look in the theme colors of the wedding. They accompany the bride and the groom. The group is usually involved in some minor arrangements and beautification as well as being the flower girls to adorn the beauty of the day. Wedding groups especially beautify the album as thy pose the photos from the preparation stages to the proceedings of the events in the wedding day 

Picture this wedding I attended: the theme colors were two shades of brown, a dark brown blended with a light shade of the same color.  The light skinned ladies and gents had the darker ones while the dark skinned maids wore a lighter shade of brow. The perfect balancing effect was so natural and matching, so creative and attractive. The flowers were uniform but the flow of the dress depended on the wearer’s taste. Some were as long as the bridal gown and others short and umbrella shaped. 

Wedding groups add art and color in the wedding. As they display the wide dresses and play with the flowers. The album is made more attractive, an addition to giving their smiles and company to the new couple. They are greatly cherished and admired. You sure need all that beauty and support they give.