Another aspect of wedding is the brides attire during day time other than saree is the going away dress. As important as it is to make a good entrance, its important leave behind a grand impression.

Most brides choose to have a different outlook, with different attire, jewellery, hairstyle, etc. Many Sri Lankan brides choose to go for different outfits other than the saree. However, it is good to try out different styles and not stick to the same old thing that everyone does. But no matter what you wear, it has to suit you. The best way to figure this out is to try out a few different styles which provide the bride to wear as her choice. Selection of the going away dress has no complications since the groom and bride change into different types of dress at the conclusion of the reception. This change of bridal dress is worn when the wedded couple are about to exit to their honeymoon. However, selection of the dress should be at the discretion of the couple but make sure it does not have any negative effect.

Time frame for a wedding ceremony is approx 5 hours. Within this short period of time and with all the hussle – the bride needs to wear the going away dress. With your busy schedules, minimum leave period and little spare time, you hardly have time to breathe; let alone plan an entire wedding. However, arrangements and set up will be futile if this whole process takes more time than anticipated. Invitees will get bored and panic will create when the couple does not arrive on schedule. Even photographers will feel the pressure and frustrated because if they do not take photographs of the couple in the morning session, then it needs to be taken in the afternoon. In which case, photos will be taken with going away dress. Well wishers will have very less time congratulating and conveying their well wishes to the couple.

This is where you need to talk to expertise who has vast experience of this arrangement or tradition. Take the load off your shoulders and hand over a part to experts who fully understands the process and most importantly make your day memorable.