Weddings take place round the globe but Sri Lankan weddings from all else in many ways. While a western wedding may take a few hours and after the declaration is gone, Sri Lankan weddings have so much culture to be observed, colorful and attractive to the couple and the audience. There are unique features like the Poruwa derived from the cultures of the beautiful people of Sri Lanka that will never be seen in other parts of the world. They are unique and truly uniting, not like the showy stuff from the west where people wed today and separate shortly after.

To start with, a touch of modernity comes in during wedding planning which can currently be outsourced to people specializing in that field. Weddings blend two families and some of the great Asian cultures in which marriage is treasured and viewed as permanent. For this reason, weddings are great occasions that call for families to put all effort to make them a success from the start to the finish and although brides are known to be well prepared for her groom, Sri Lankan brides can make men from elsewhere change their minds opting for these in their great beauty coupled with humility.

In this land, a wedding gown the bride wears does not have to be white. It can be any of their favorite colors coupled with flowers to match as well as themes to go with their choice. Choice of color references the depth of feelings of the brides and how they feel about presenting themselves to their loved ones to live together forever. As the walk, share, exchange vows in the religion of the land, they truly endeavor to work for success of their marriage and society all through life.

To make this a reality, there are rituals to be observed during the ceremony. Classic oil lamps are lit in the evening marking the union of two souls into one on the big day. Far from creating an ambience to dine, the memories the couple creates should mark their first married evening. Shortly before the evening and dusk falls, the couple has to pass through the settee back and Poruwa ceremony, another unifying feature.

Unique to Sri Lankan weddings, this ceremony calls for the couple to be tied together literally in the lasting luster of gold to symbolize a lasting union. The little fingers get tied before sacrifices are offered. With all these procedures, the single hood is gone, never to return and the marriage born is here to stay. All the above and unmatched beauty of girls and men of the land mark the greatest start to marriage life.