This unique wedding setting is determined by three things at a go. It is an inspiration of Sinhalese traditions of Sri-Lanka, Sri- Lanka designs and the Buddhism. It is a lovely setting that has a beautified stage named a Poruwa, greatly set ready for a function that will bring the union to life. In this stage a number of activities are carried out, a tying of little fingers with a golden thread uniting the two souls, standing at the stage with leaves offered and coconut broken to wish them and their generations well.

Picture the beauty of Sri-Lanka and the designs it has been praised for being all yours! After the long session standing and smiling at the proceedings, the couple sits on a designer settee, a part of the wedding ceremony. Array of beauty talks volumes from the decoration of the Poruwa and the unique settee that carry the weight and the solemn nature of marriage to hold the newlyweds forever for a lifetime.

This beauty that lacks the right description for its grandeur will portray the solemnity and beauty of your wedding combined. You definitely want to have a great start to your marriage life. You have all you need right here. Fall in love with any of the displayed stages and settees and declare it yours and you shall have it.